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4' Heavy Duty Drag Harrow SP31113-SP31116

4' Heavy Duty Drag Harrow SP31113-SP31116

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SP31113 4'HEAVY DUTY DRAG HARROW 4'Wx51/2'L 48.5 66 151 x 70x21 230
SP31114 4.5'HEAVY DUTY DRAG HARROW 41/2'Wx51/2'L 58 80 177x70x23 171
SP31115 6'HEAVY DUTY DRAG HARROW 6' W x 8'L 112 142 223 x 70 x 28 112
SP31116 8'HEAVY DUTY DRAG HARROW 8' W x 8'L 143 178 263 x 70 x 28 84

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you sell the products to the end users directly?

    No, we are unable to sell to end users at this moment, most of our customers are Retailers, Importers, Distributors, Online Stores and etc…If you wanted to buy 1pc for own use, please send email to [email protected], we will let you know where you can buy our products and which is the closest distributor or retailer to your location.

  • What is your lead time?

    Our lead time is 45days after receipt of the official purchase order, which doesn’t include shipping time on water.

  • Where can I find the operation manual or parts list?

    you can use the model number to download the operation manual online, or email us at [email protected] to request a manual

OEM Solutions At Service For 20 Years

Our experienced foreign technicians understand your needs better and are not only committed to developing new products, but also continuously improving existing technologies and supporting your projects. Company offer OEM Private label 4' Heavy Duty Drag Harrow SP31113-SP31116. You can have your logo on these products.

Spare Parts Replacement

Leading 4' Heavy Duty Drag Harrow SP31113-SP31116 manufacturers in China, Superpower works with no spare effort to serve every client with worry-free spare parts supply. Contact us for instant delivery and possible suggestion on a replacement. Design & manufacturing company in China.




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