Made By Rapid Splitter, Cnsuperpower Is More Professional

  Cnsuperpower has been praised by users for its first-class product quality, innovative leading technology, and worry-free service. Our company's rapid splitter has the following characteristics:

  When in to use, the magazine of the rapid splitter can be fed from one end, and the other end is a discharge port. This rapid splitter overcomes the shortcomings of the existing drum rapid splitter, such as power failure and feeding. The segmented work mode and work efficiency high.

  Because the impact force of the wood on the block teeth is relatively large, the wood not only makes the circular motion in the casing and rotates around itself, so the rapid splitter has high peeled efficiency. It has a better peeling effect of eucalyptus, poplar and hard-to-peel species, with a purity of more than 95%.

  The rapid splitter is highly adaptable to wood species and can be stripped of different diameters, lengths, and shapes. Because the wooden blocks perform rotational movements and irregular beats, the more difficult to peel parts of the curved wood can also make good contact with the peeling teeth. Therefore, the stripping rate of curved logs is much higher than other drum-type rapid splitters.

  Because the huge rapid splitter housing is fixed, its energy consumption is low, the failure rate is low, the maintenance workload is small, and the vibration and noise are much lower than that of the drum peeler. This machine can be installed without foundation and is easy to use.