Precautions For Using Gasoline Log Splitter

  1. Pay attention to the safety of electricity use, strictly follow the requirements of the motor nameplate, and connect the ground wire.
  2. Before each start of the whole machine, fill the lubrication points of oil, and check whether the strong bolts are loose.
  3. Feeding port and cutting room are forbidden to pump in metal and sundries. If any abnormality is found, immediately turn off the power.
  4. Pay attention to rust prevention, the motor must not be damp, and must not enter the water to prevent the parts from rusting.
  The gasoline log splitter is special equipment used to produce high-quality wood chips. It is an ideal equipment for various types of paper mills, wood-based panels, and other industrial production. We will take a look at the more scope of the gasoline log splitter. We still need to learn how to use it together. Mastering more knowledge of the gasoline log splitter can bring more convenience to our work.