What If The Temperature Of Petrol Log Splitter Rises?

  After a long period of use, petrol log splitter is prone to some wear or aging in work. How to extend the service life of petrol log splitter has become a problem that we need to study carefully. The factors that damage petrol log splitter service life are Many, for example, the internal temperature of the body suddenly rises during the production process, and many people do not know why this is. Then, let us analyze the reasons for this situation. If the cutting speed of the blade is faster during operation, the temperature will increase due to the cutting speed being too fast, and the temperature will decrease if the cutting speed is too slow.

  Generally, there is a limit of the tool temperature in petrol log splitter work, and this limit is limited to about 500 degrees Celsius, which means that when we use petrol log splitter, the body temperature should also be this temperature, however, the facts show that When this temperature is reached, the wood has already shattered inside the body. Because the time of this thermal phenomenon of the cutter is very short, it is generally invisible if you look at it with your eyes, but due to overheating of the fuselage, other mechanical parts may not work properly, which reduces the production quality of the feed grinder. Therefore, routine maintenance is still necessary. When problems occur, repairs should be carried out under the guidance of maintenance personnel to avoid damage to the petrol log splitter.