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Black Diamond 35ton gasoline Log Splitter-half beam LSE35

Black Diamond 35ton gasoline Log Splitter-half beam LSE35 Black Diamond 35ton gasoline Log Splitter-half beam LSE35

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Vertical or horizontal operating position lets you work most efficiently in a variety of conditions

LED Light on the fenders

7 in 1 Plug to connect with your car

Available with Kohler Engine, LCT Engine and Rato Engine




Max. Splitting Force


Cycle Time




Max. Log Length

24.4 inches (620mm)

Cylinder (Bore Dia.)

5" x 22.6"


16GPM, 2-Stage

Hydraulic Capacity

8.6Gal / 32.5L


7.87" Hardened Steel


16"DOT (4.8 x 8)


Suction Filter

Net/Gross Weight

685/768.7LB (311/349KGS)

Package Dimensions

78.6"x23"x32" (199.6x58.6x81.4cm)

Container Quantity


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you sell the products to the end users directly?

    No, we are unable to sell to end users at this moment, most of our customers are Retailers, Importers, Distributors, Online Stores and etc…If you wanted to buy 1pc for own use, please send email to [email protected], we will let you know where you can buy our products and which is the closest distributor or retailer to your location.

  • Can your factory put my own brand name on your products?


  • Which port is close to your factory

    Shanghai, it only takes 1.5 hours from Shanghai to our factory, which is very convenient and efficiency.

OEM Solutions At Service For 20 Years

Our experienced foreign technicians understand your needs better and are not only committed to developing new products, but also continuously improving existing technologies and supporting your projects. Company offer OEM Private label Black Diamond 35ton gasoline Log Splitter-half beam LSE35. You can have your logo on these products.

Spare Parts Replacement

Leading Black Diamond 35ton gasoline Log Splitter-half beam LSE35 manufacturers in China, Superpower works with no spare effort to serve every client with worry-free spare parts supply. Contact us for instant delivery and possible suggestion on a replacement. Design & manufacturing company in China.




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